Monday, September 05, 2005

September Baseball

Unlike the past couple of years, my pre-season NL and AL predictions still look pretty good. However, I'm really unsure of anything heading into the final month of the season. I'm sticking with the Florida Marlins to win the NL Wild Card, and think they will make the World Series, but wonder how the young and hungry version of the Atlanta Braves will do with a seasoned post-season manager like Bobby Cox. In the AL, I liked Oakland before Crosby went down, but now have shifted back to the Angels. I believe the Yankees will catch the Red Sox, and that the Indians' schedule down the stretch will help them win the Wild Card. But as for the pennant? I don't really like any of them. I have often dismissed the Chicago White Sox as a .500 team that got off to a red-hot start, but saw them today and think they have a lot of skills that will serve them well in the post-season, so that's my flavor of the moment.


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