Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Mustafa Mo'in's Blog

Iranian reformist Presidential candidate Mustafa Mo'in has a campaign blog, including this post on technology, education, and communication. Mo'in claims that technology is the main reason for the gap between the developing and industrialized worlds, and that it has the potential to unite all Iranians behind the goals of peace, freedom, justice and progress. He also says that the most important investment Iran can make is in youth, and that for this reason he sees raising the literacy rate as Iran's historic goal for this moment. This is a means of self-strengthening, in touch with Iran's cultural and historical self-awareness. With education will come the ability to participate in the age of technology and the possibility of social reform. Near the end, he claims he was going to write simply, but just couldn't because the future depends on the exchange of ideas.

(Note: This post has been influenced by Dr. Atefeh Oliai's comments in my Persian journal.)


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