Monday, April 04, 2005

John Paul II

Despite my belief that John Paul II was one of the greatest popes of all time, I'm stunned by the extent of the global reaction. Here are some noted links:

*Youssef Ibrahim in Gulf News writes of "a general of peace."
*In Khaleej Times, Muhammad Galadari describes why John Paul II was different from other popes.
*Abu Aardvark discusses more reactions from the Arab world.
*Al-Jazeera has an editorial cartoon on the pope.
*People in Hiroshima and Nagasaki remember the pope.
*The Washington Post has extensive coverage.
*Thailand is just one largely non-Catholic nation flying flags at half staff.
*Ed Kilgore discusses him as the first post-European pope.
*Hugo Schwyzer posts his own reflections.
*Matthew Yglesias reads Lamorem exercens.

Stay tune for further updates.


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