Thursday, April 21, 2005

Business in Morocco

While collecting information to report to the Department of Education on our Title VI-A grant for this year, I found this article the Center for International Business and Research posted about the video conference course with a Moroccan University. It was interesting reading just for the brief accounts of the different business climates in the United States and Morocco. Dr. Matthews has run these courses with other parts of the world, too. (The article also made me happy because I played a small role in bringing it about. We were trying to do something with a Tunisian school that wasn't working, so when I was in Morocco last summer and got an e-mail expressing pessimism about the situation I suggested they try AUI, the reputation of which I had become acquainted with. I'm glad it worked out so well!)

UPDATE: One additional point can be made about this project's organization. Originally we had some set-up where our faculty proposed the project to a certain office, who got approval to appoach a comparable office at another school asking if they could identify a professor there who might be interested in teaching such a course. Things didn't work out at that school, though I was gone and don't know the reasons. In any case, when the AUI idea came up, Dr. Matthews just cut to the chase, e-mailed a professor there, and then faculty on both ends took the bureaucracy along for an admittedly willing ride. Liberating individual initiative wins again!


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