Sunday, April 17, 2005

2008 Prospects

Matthew Yglesias discusses the good and bad in Wesley Clark's perceived 2008 aspirations. Given the prominence I assign foreign policy in Presidential decision-making, it won't surprise readers to know that I could easily see myself supporting Clark if he decides to have another go at it. And while I've been playing coy about my attitudes, I'll also admit to being interested in Russ Feingold and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. I worry about Hillary Clinton - Republicans could run a pretty intense campaign against her based off issues like her 1994 health care plan and perceived far-leftism in much of the country. Her high job approval in New York has come in a very different environment from the pressure of a national political campaign.

Really, though, I'm being perfectly honest when I say it's too early to pick a candidate. A lot will depend on the political environment after the 2006 elections and the key issues we'll have to deal with at that time.


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