Thursday, March 10, 2005

Some Links

This week is busy descending into crazy - suffice it to say that mostly for career-related reasons I'm eating out four of the next five days, and declined a suggestion for the fifth. That, of course, doesn't go into stuff related to this weekend's Persian exam or normal job stuff. So in lieu of commentary, I'll pretend like this is Gnostical Turpitude and just recommend some links.

*Over at Liberals Against Terrorism, you can read my most recent Lebanon comments.
*Senator Russ Feingold has written a blog post. (Via Daily Kos)
*Timothy Burke is exceptional this week, posting on Western Civilization and the debate over Paul Wolfowitz
*My Persian professor e-mails this link to a story about a 5000 year-old Iranian tree. I still haven't read the full article.
*Imshin is making me jealous.
*The Leaky Cauldron has the next Harry Potter cover.
*Daniel Drezner posts on the important issue of slavery.

That's enough for right now. Over the weekend I plan to do a post on the Second Ibadhi Imamate, partly to consolidate my own knowledge of the period. Meanwhile, I'm off to this for the evening.


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