Thursday, October 09, 2003

Rumored Presidential Endorsement

I still haven't made a firm decision on which Democrat will win the coveted endorsement of Brian's Study Breaks for the 2004 Presidential election. Most people I know who have already made up their minds point to particular issues like the war, trade, homeland security, unions, or certain characteristics like sticking to their ideology, foreign policy or other relevant experiences, fiery passion, or a military background. I'm greedy and want it all, or at least as much as I can get. I find several candidates have points I really, really like, but unfortunately these come combined with one or more glaring weaknesses. I've been waiting for them to address some of these, but things are developing the wrong way. And almost accidentally, I've realized there's one candidate who usually isn't the one who most inspires me on any particular point, but does have all his bases covered. I'm still waiting a bit to see how a few things shake out, especially with the Clark factor, but I'm close enough to a decision I thought I'd start a rumor about which way I might be leaning. It's this guy.


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