Monday, October 06, 2003

Here Come the Serbs!

So according to Pak Tribune, the U.S. has decided to accept 1000 Serbs as peacekeepers in Afghanistan. Ah, yes, they should be quite popular in Afghanistan. I mean, after the promised vetting to eliminate all who have committed war crimes against Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo and everything. I'm sure any Afghans who worry about the coalition waging a war against Islam will decide to let bygones be bygones, and that all these Serbs will be fully trained in dealing with Afghan cultural sensitivities whenever they might arise.

The article also says: "The American thinking was that the need for combat troops ready to take casualties in Afghanistan overrode political considerations about the wisdom of such a mission, and that in any case, the Serbs would probably be on their best behavior, officials indicated." So in what is officially the War We Already Won, we need allies who are willing to take casualties.

Apparently Serbia and Montenegro has a gendarmerie. Wouldn't that be more useful in Iraq?

UPDATE: The U.S. has declined an offer of assistance from Kosovo.


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