Wednesday, June 18, 2003

More interesting items related to Iraq reconstruction efforts: Orin Kerr quotes from his friend in Baghdad, with the most interesting tidbit being the idea that Iraq is now generating more power than before the war. According to this source, before the war areas of Iraq outside of Baghdad had black-outs on a regular basis while the capital received favorable treatment. Now, power is being distributed more equitably. I obviously can't verify this officially, but it sounds like the sort of thing the media would miss. Also, the Institute for War and Peace Reporting has a story on how women are being excluded from the reconstruction effort. The administration appointees are either simply ignoring women's rights, or they're assuming placing women in important positions would violate cultural sensibilities. If the former, they should stop ignoring it. If the latter, I don't think they should worry. Arab countries generally have highly educated female populations, and Iraq is certainly no exception. You won't see a woman as President in Iraq anytime soon, but in the cities especially people are used to women serving important functions in society, and the U.S. should take advantage of their potential.


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