Monday, June 16, 2003

I have returned! The wedding was loads of fun. The bride and groom are both strong feminists, so they set out to purge the day of all sexist customs, which made room for some innovation. I somehow always imagined myself as a traditionalist when it comes to such ceremonies, but I recognize that such traditions are transient, and hence enjoy experiencing something different, if that makes any sense. I did have a couple of encounters which brought back the sorts of memories that make me wish QU had been home to more of a Miss Manners dating philosophy, but really, I've been removed from most of my QU friends for so long that sometimes it seemed I was just watching pieces of my past on a stage, with the wedding itself as the long-delayed final act of a past era.

The panel also went well, I think. It was the sort of crowd where people already knew what they thought, and we were just there to confirm it. My role was to show ways of getting information about the world despite the flaws of the mainstream press, so hopefully that came in handy. It was a little strange with me being the one up front and so many of my old professors in the audience looking on.


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