Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Iran Moves Against Contraception

Iran's parliament has voted in favor of a ban on vasectomies as part of a widespread curtailment of contraception in the country:
Iran's parliament has voted to ban permanent forms of contraception, the state news agency IRNA reported, endorsing the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's call for measures to increase the population...
The bill, approved by 143 out of 231 members present in parliament, according to IRNA, also bans the advertising of birth control in a country where condoms had been widely available and family planning considered entirely normal.
The law now goes to the Guardian Council - a panel of theologians and jurists appointed by the Supreme Leader who examine whether legislation complies with Islam...
Iran's birth rate stands at 1.6 children per woman, lawmaker Ali Motahari said, according to IRNA. At that rate, the population of more than 75 million would fall to 31 million by 2094, and 47 percent of Iranians would be above the age of 60, said Mohamad Saleh Jokar, another lawmaker.
Iran's population doubled during the 1980's, which led to fears of over-population and moves to limit population growth during the 1990's.  That 1.6 children per woman today is well below a replacement rate of just over 2 children per woman. This explains the government's recent moves to increase fertility, moves which have included making the country the region's main center for fertility treatments.

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