Monday, February 10, 2014

GCC and Foreign Fighters

Last week Saudi Arabia banned it citizens from fighting in foreign conflicts, such as most recently the Syrian Civil War.  Now some in Kuwait's Parliament want to follow suit:
Under the proposed law, all those who take part in armed hostilities outside Kuwait or encourage and incite participation in them will be either jailed or fined or both, MP Nabil Fadhl said.
The law includes joining the extremist religious and intellectual groups and movements that are classified terrorists locally or regionally, or supporting them or expressing sympathy with them by any means, including providing moral or material support or promoting them or advocating them through writing or otherwise, Kuwaiti daily Al Watan reported on Sunday.
Saudi Arabia initially supported those who wanted to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan as part of the kingdom's desire to show pan-Islamic credentials in the wake of the Iranian Revolution.  However, by the 1990's they had become aware of the possibility for blowback, and have been slowly looking for ways to end such adventurism without appearing to betray the causes involved.  The current tactic seems to be attacking the Islamic credentials of the foreign groups.

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