Friday, June 21, 2013

Lebanese Shi'ites in the Gulf

Lebanese Shi'ites in the Gulf are probably justified in worrying that many of them well suffer from anti-Hizbullah measures:
Despite assurances that the measures will target Hezbollah only, many Shiites who have lived and worked in the Gulf for many years fear the punishment might hit across the board, based on their religious affiliation, even if they disagreed with Hezbollah.
Other non-Shiite groups, even Christians, who could be associated with the group also fear they could be targeted.
An estimated 360,000 Lebanese work in the Gulf, according to Lebanese daily An Nahar, transferring some $4 billion annually back to the country, which has a population of just 4.1 million...
Lebanon’s embassies in the Gulf have begun to investigate reports of deportations, media reports on Thursday said...
Such fears hit hardest when people apply to renew their residency permits.



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