Wednesday, May 01, 2013

UK Returns to Gulf?

Britain may return militarily to the Persian Gulf:
The withdrawal of all British troops from Afghanistan next year will create a unique opportunity to reverse the “East of Suez” decision that formed a landmark in Britain’s retreat from imperial power, the Royal United Services Institute will say in a paper published on Monday...
The think tank says the Armed Forces are considering a partial reversal of the “East of Suez” decision. “The military intends to build up a strong shadow presence around the Gulf; not an evident imperial-style footprint, but a smart presence,” writes Professor Michael Clarke, its director. “This may not yet be declared government policy,” he writes. “But the UK appears to be approaching a decision point where a significant strategic reorientation of its defence and security towards the Gulf is both plausible and logical.” 
The paper suggests this would involve an augmented fleet in Bahrain and a military base in Oman.

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