Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shippensburg in Iraq

I don't intend to become my university's new publicist, but this month saw the beginning of an initiative to have Shippensburg assist with the development of business education in Iraq:
"The two-year grant has three components and different individuals will work on the components simultaneously. Their initial visit will be to assess the present situation. Kooti has no illusions about the state of colleges and universities in Iraq as 'higher education has suffered significantly since the 1980s and it has continued to decline until recently.'

"The first component will be to conduct a feasibility study on establishing a center for excellence in finance and banking. 'We will work with the government, the ministry of higher education in Iraq, as well as the private sector banking and financial (businesses) to see how we will be able to establish the center in Baghdad.'

"The second component will be to establish a center for excellence for Iraqi colleges of management and economics. 'The objective is to improve the business programs in selected universities to improve their curriculum to update and upgrade their programs. We will look at capacity building, working with their faculty and their staff to determine what resources are needed. It will be a center for teaching excellence.'

"The third component will be to use the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) standards to assure quality of the programs, the development of administrative capacity and guidance. Grove College has long held AACSB accreditation. By employing the process that AACSB provides, Kooti believes Iraqi colleges and universities will provide a high caliber education, which will be needed as Iraq transitions into a new government, economy and way of life."

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