Friday, October 14, 2011

Kuwaiti Strike Warnings

The Kuwaiti government is making threats against public sector workers striking for increased salaries and benefits. First was a plan to replace them with guest workers:
"Kuwait yesterday threatened to recruit foreign help to cope with a wave of strikes that has spread through the public sector and is endangering oil exports.

"Ali Al Rashid, the minister of state for cabinet affairs, told the state news agency, Kuna, that the cabinet has formed a team that will 'take all necessary measures' to 'fill gaps' caused by the strikes.

"Kuwait has been hobbled by dozens of strikes since oil sector workers successfully coerced the government into increasing their salaries and benefits in September. This week, operations at ports and airports were hit as the union for customs workers became the latest civil servants to begin industrial action."

There is also a proposal to criminalize the strikes, which could pose a threat to Kuwait's economy if sustained.



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