Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Million Pardoned

Jordan's King Abdullah II is pardoning criminals:
"Jordan's King Abdullah II has pardoned more than one million criminal offenders to mark the 12th anniversary of his accession.

The pardon covers traffic violators and those who committed petty crimes, but also some detainees who took part in street protests demanding reforms...

"Those convicted of thefts, traffic violations, slander, criminal offences, among others were included in the pardon.

"But it excluded those convicted of espionage, treason, drugs dealers, bribery, misuse of public office and crimes related to the internal security of the state well as premeditated murder and rape.

"In total, the prime minister said 1,184,000 Jordanians stand to benefit from the amnesty."

What's up with this? There are only six million people in Jordan. That's a lot of outstanding traffic violations.



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