Monday, September 27, 2010

End of Kuwaiti Kafeel

In February, Kuwait will finally end its sponsorship-based labor regime:
"A government decision to scrap by February its system for sponsoring foreign labourers was welcomed yesterday by Kuwait’s non-government organisations...

"Faisal al Masoud, the deputy chairman of the Social Work Society of Kuwait, said a planned public authority for labour would take care of foreign workers 'from the airport to the airport'.

"He said when the institution is created, an unhappy worker will not have to undergo the arduous process of transferring his residency. 'He will be able to go immediately without any headaches...'

"Mohammed al Afasi, the minister of social affairs and labour, said the sponsorship system, known as kafeel, would be abolished when the new authority is established next year, local press reported.

"Kafeel allows companies and family heads to sponsor foreign labourers’ residency visas. The employee cannot leave the country or change jobs without the sponsor’s permission. A recent amendment permitted some exceptions after three years of employment.

"All other GCC states except Bahrain have a similar system."



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