Monday, September 06, 2010

Elementary Sanskrit

Penn Live offers a story in the "strange college courses" genre:
"Imagine going to college and taking classes in monsters, zombies, UFOs and Sanskrit...

"Like diners at an expansive smorgasbord, students are selecting quirky, intriguing, somewhat weird but usually cool courses. Why not?

"Who wouldn’t like to take 'Monsters' at Messiah College, 'Elementary Sanskrit' or 'They’re Coming to Get You: Zombies, Mass Culture and Art' at Lebanon Valley College? How about 'Unidentified Flying Objects and Near-Death Experiences,' also known as Sociology 282, a study of UFOs and NDEs, at Harrisburg Area Community College?"

Some of these are just creatively titled typical offerings, but how did "Elementary Sanskrit" make this list? Isn't it just a typical beginning foreign language course?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you know? Sanskrit is exotic, arcane, mysterious, unworldly, ancient, and dead. ;-)

Another reader seems to have had the same thought as yours.

12:31 AM  

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