Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Direct Deposit

Kuwait's Parliament is considering legislation to ensure domestic workers are paid:
"They are dedicated and endeavour to offer the best services. They toil day and night, winter or summer and they rarely object to any kind of work. They think that their personal sacrifices will help them make enough money to fulfil some of their ambitions.

"But there is a problem, some of these expatriate domestic helpers have not been paid their salaries for years...

"According to Brigadier General Abdullah Al Ali, the Managing Director of Kuwait's Immigration Department, cases of abuses could be avoided in the future if a plan to deposit a monthly salary directly into domestic helpers' bank-accounts is pushed through parliament...

"Under the new text drafted by the government, employers will have to pay salaries directly to the domestic helpers' bank accounts and the state will establish a shelter for runaway housemaids which would house around 1,000 people."



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