Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kuwaiti Intermarriage

Kuwait is trying to limit intermarriage:
"Kuwait has set up a committee to look into ways to limit marriages between Kuwaiti men and foreign women.

"The committee has been assigned the task of studying marriage applications with a view to reducing the number of marriages between Kuwaiti men and foreigners, the Al Qabas daily said yesterday.

"While most Kuwaiti men preferred to marry their countrywomen, hundreds do take foreign wives.

"Their inability to pay thousands of dinars in dowry and exorbitant marriage and living costs has often been cited as the main reason Kuwaiti men marry foreigners."
This is an issue for the regime because it broadens the number of people who can tap into the country's welfare system. Women also marry foreigners, but I suspect the legal system makes it harder for them to draw husbands into the privileges of citizenship, meaning it's not as large of an issue.

UPDATE: This story confirms that Kuwaiti woman can't pass on citizenship to their children.



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