Saturday, April 24, 2010

Islamists v. Guest Worker Cultures

Kuwaiti Islamists broke up a Sri Lankan cultural event yesterday:
"More than 5,000 Sri Lankans, including K.S.C. Dissanayake, Sri Lankan ambassador to Kuwait, had to leave the Jahra stadium after Kuwaiti Islamists invaded the field and pressed organisers to suspend the celebration and threatened to escalate the tense situation...

"The protesters said that the presence of men and women at the stadium and the playing of music on a Friday afternoon made the celebration “unacceptable” for not respecting Islamic values.

"The ambassador, seeking to end the deadlock peacefully, urged his compatriots to cancel the celebrations two hours before schedule and to vacate the premises.

"The police said that the Sri Lankans had all the necessary permits and did not break the law."



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