Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kuwait's Female Police

The role of women in Kuwait remains a hot political issue:
"Conservative Kuwaiti MP Mohammad Al Hayef has requested the interior minister to 'honour his pledge on the duties of policewomen', saying that there would be a quizzing on the matter.

"'We have read media reports about Kuwaiti policewomen and their role as combat women,' Al Hayef said in a statement. 'This new role clashes with the interior ministry's pledges on employing policewomen only in positions and places where they are really needed...'

"The MP, a Salafi, last week took Kuwaiti officials to task for allowing the participation of a women’s football team in an Asian championship in Abu Dhabi, saying that they were eroding Islamic tenets and undermining Kuwaiti values.

"Al Hayef was also a strong opponent of the participation of women in politics and firmly opposed the presence of unveiled women MPs in parliament."

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