Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Only 15 Dead

This year saw only 15 Israelis killed in violence involving Palestinians:
"The past 12 months have seen the lowest number of terror attacks this decade, and the least number of Israeli casualties of terror, according to a report from the Shin Bet security services released Wednesday.

"The Shin Bet credits the low number on the ability of Israeli security forces to thwart attacks, as well as efforts by Palestinian security organizations...

"The decrease in the number of deaths from terror attacks is also a result of the decrease in the number of rockets fired into Israel. Between the start of the year and December 24, 566 rockets were fired into Israel, compared to the 2,048 that were fired in 2008.

"The report also noted that Hamas was reigning in activities of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in Gaza."

So since terrorism is Israel's main justification for the occupation, does this mean they'll be pulling out of the West Bank over the next few months?



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