Sunday, December 27, 2009

Netanyahu's Kadima Offer

Benjamin Netanyahu's offer to Kadima seems more insulting than anything else:
"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday offered opposition leader Tzipi Livni two ministerial posts without portfolio should she agree to bring her Kadima party into the coalition, but said he would not divert from the foreign policy set early in his term.

"During their evening meeting, Netanyahu also told Livni that the basic lines of government would not change should the centrist Kadima join the coalition.

"He said that the premier would retain the right to make every policy decision, and that Kadima would be obligated to accept any agreements reached by the other parties in the coalition. Following their meeting, Livni summoned her aides to debate the proposal."

In other words, Netanyahu is inviting Kadima to serve as a rubber stamp for the right wing, and perhaps as insurance in case one of his right-wing partners withdraws. What Kadima is supposed to get out of this is beyond me, and it's probably aimed at giving individual Kadima MK's cover if they want to bolt.



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