Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Kuwait is moving to follow Bahrain down the road of sponsorship system reform:
"Foreigners in Kuwait will be able to sponsor themselves if they keep an impeccable record after a two year stay in the country, the Social Affairs and Labour Minister has said.

"The move is part of a plan to put an end to the sponsorship system that Kuwait is determined to cancel, Mohammad Al Affassi said.

"'I am serious about finding a solution to the issue, particularly that it affects the reputation of Kuwait and has highly significant humanitarian dimensions. Putting an end to the sponsorship system also means the elimination of trafficking in residence and work permits,' Al Affassi was quoted as saying by Al Dar daily."

I'd be interested in hearing theories as to why these reforms are gaining so much momentum now.



Anonymous First said...

In Bahrain's case the impetus is probably political rather than economic - part of the wider restructuring of the labour market with the purpose of getting more locals into jobs and bringing Bahrain up to international standards on the labour front. As often with Bahrain and Kuwait, once one does something the other follows.

12:37 PM  

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