Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ali Larijani

One thing I'd like to do is track down more information on what key leaders are doing within Iran, such as Rafsanjani, Rezai, Muhammad Baqir Qalibaf, and anyone else I can think of or run across. Earlier today I did spot a rumor that Rezai has asked to see the breakdown of votes by precinct, but I don't remember where I saw that or how strong the source was. Arab satellite networks report that Rafsanjani has resigned his posts; he's also been reported meeting with Khatami and Mousavi planning strategy. I've seen squat about Qalibaf.

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani, however, has thrown in his lot with Ahmadinejad:
"Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani congratulated President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Sunday on his re-election as Iran's president.

"'Majlis will have a cordial cooperation with the new government,' said the Majlis speaker in a message to President Ahmadinejad who was re-elected as the Iranian president for another four-year term winning over 24 millions of the votes.

"Referring to the massive turnout of the Iranian nation in the June 12 presidential elections, Larijani said the voting has provided President Ahmadinejad’s government with the new grounds for solving domestic problems."

This is unsurprising. Larijani definitely isn't Ahmadinejad's best friend, but he is close to Khamene'i, to whom he was a long-time personal advisor. In fact, during his years heading Iran's official media, he became known for what even among conservatives was over-the-top praise of the Supreme Leader.

My sense of things is that the government is succeeding in taking over the streets, but that protests could re-emerge with new, centralized leadership.

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