Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ahmadinejad's Rally

BBC reports that tens of thousands of people attended Ahmadinejad's victory rally in Tehran:
"Crowds thronged the main thoroughfare, Vali Asr street, waving Iranian flags and chanting in jubilation...

"He told the rally that elections in the Islamic republic had never been healthier and that the people alone had decided the outcome.

"'Some people want democracy only for their own sake,' he said, referring to his critics both inside and outside of Iran.

"'Some want elections, freedom, a sound election. They recognise it only as long as the result favours them.'

"He said Iranians were united, but with 40 million people taking part it in the election it was natural for some to be disappointed."

Mousavi, meanwhile, has called for his supporters to continue protesting. That is actually significant, as members of the revolutionary generation have historically feared the chaos that could be unleashed by a new popular uprising.

UPDATE: There's also this:
"Ghalamnews (Mousavi’s newspaper) reports Mousavi is calling for a peaceful march along Valiasr street in Tehran and in 19 other cities on Monday and a national strike on Tuesday. Before the election, Mousavi supporters formed a chain down the entire 18 kilometer length of Valiasr."

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