Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kuwait's Parliamentary Circus

In the latest political crisis in Kuwait, the Cabinet has resigned and Parliament could be suspended for up to two years. The latest flare-up began when Islamist MP's in Parliament insisted on trying to question the prime minister. Trey provides some analysis:
"The idea that Islamists are abusing their right to question ministers has been frequently charged both inside and outside Kuwait. This is not totally off the mark, as the case of Education Minister Nouriya al-Sabeeh, but it is not always the case either. Corruption is a problem – it comes from recycling the same characters over and over. The cabinet room is filled with musical chairs."

Corruption may be a problem, but as much as I'd like to stand on the rights of elected bodies, these MP's were ill-advised to push red lines at a time when there is apparently little popular support for doing so.



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