Monday, November 10, 2008

Netanyahu on Diplomacy

It's allegedly big news that Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu says he would negotiate with the Palestinians:
"Earlier in the day, Likud Party head Binyamin Netanyahu made headlines when he told Quartet envoy Tony Blair in a morning meeting that he would be willing to negotiate with the Palestinians.

"A number of reports jumped on his statement as a positive sign of change. But his spokesman Yossi Levy clarified to The Jerusalem Post that Netanyahu did not intend to indicate he would continue where Kadima left off, should he become prime minister."
When he was Prime Minister during the late 1990's, Netanyahu did negotiate with the Palestinians under pressure, and managed to successfully sink the Oslo process. It remains to be seen whether the demographic trends that gave birth to Kadima would affect him as well if he comes out on top in the forthcoming elections.



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