Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Kuwait Crisis

Kuwait's parliament may be facing dissolution for the second time this year:
"Members of Kuwait's parliament have asked to meet with the country's Ruler to avert a political crisis that may prompt him to dissolve the assembly, a deputy said on Thursday.

"The standoff was provoked by three parliamentarians who on Tuesday asked to question the prime minister after he allowed a controversial Iranian Shiite cleric to visit.

"The three say the cleric offended Kuwait's predominantly Sunni population by insulting some religious figures."

First, were those three among the Salafis whom the tribal constituencies elected in the spring?

Also, would Kuwait actually have new elections of parliament were dissolved? A lot of the coverage of the last round indicated Kuwaitis were losing faith in the democratic process, and the ruling family could use the moment to do away with parliament altogether, at least for a time.



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