Monday, November 03, 2008

Ahmadinejad and Larijani

Check out the action in Iran's Parliament:
"The parliament is to vote Tuesday on impeaching Interior Minister Ali Kordan for having presented the lawmakers with a faked honorary doctorate from Oxford University.

"'The parliament has every right to impeach ministers but in this case I do not agree with the impeachment and will therefore no go to the session (Tuesday), either, because they (MPs) would just raise repetitious claims again,' Fars quoted (Ahmadinejad) as saying...

"While the pro-Ahmadinejad wing considers an impeachment as weakening the government, signatories of the impeachment motion say irrespective of whether he had been deceived or was dishonest, Kordan could no longer hold the post of interior minister - a post directly in charge of next year's presidential elections.

"Last Wednesday the differences led to a scandal after the government's representative at the parliament, Mohammad Abbasi, was caught while he was trying to use a governmental financial aid as a mean to push deputies to drop the impeachment motion.

"After Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani declared Abbasi as persona non grata in the parliament, Ahmadinejad was forced to dismiss his legislative representative.

"The power conflict between government and parliament is regarded by observers to be also a conflict between Ahmadinejad and Larijani."



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