Saturday, September 13, 2008

Killing Station Owners

One of Saudi Arabia's leading religious leaders has caused a stir:
"Owners of Arab satellite channels have expressed concern over a fatwa by the chairman of the Saudi Judicial Council, Shaikh Saleh Al Luhaidan authorising the murder of owners of Arabic satellite TV channels that broadcast programmes considered immoral.

"The fatwa came during a programme transmitted live by the Holy Quran Radio on Wednesday in which he said 'satellite channels caused the deviance of thousands of people as they show seduction, obscenity and vulgarity'.

"He added: 'Certainly it is permitted to kill those who encourage corrupt beliefs.'"

I wonder how many Saudi princes have stakes in allegedly immoral TV networks, and consequently how long it will be before al-Luhaidan either "clarifies" his statements or starts having to look for a new position.

Also, on a technical note, does an answer to a question on a call-in show really count as a fatwa?

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