Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Socially Kosher

Danna Harman writes about a new trend in Jerusalem:
"In Israel, the majority of restaurants, hotels, and banquet halls have "kosher certificates" from the chief rabbinate. Many Jews will not eat at places without one. But now, a different sort of kosher credential, one that has nothing to do with the Jewish dietary laws, is popping up across the city.

"The kosher social seal is awarded to eateries that pledge to treat those preparing and serving the food in an ethical way. This means paying overtime, providing health insurance, and ensuring the equal treatment of minorities – the list goes on.

"What does this have to do with Judaism?

"'Everything,' says Asaf Banner, the young religious Jerusalemite who directs Bemaaglei Tzedek, a nonprofit organization that started the social seal project three years ago. 'The Torah is a system of life.'

"'It has something to say not only about mixing milk and meat – but on every subject,' he says. 'Religion is more than a list of laws someone wrote down thousands of years ago. It is a guide to bettering our community.'"

Sounds good to me!

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