Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Women's Only Mosques

Some women in Egypt are not seeking segregated mosques:
"Theologians and secularists in Egypt are up in arms over a request from women to have their own mosques.

"The clergy was quick to dismiss the demand as a fad but secularists warned against turning down the proposal, saying it would strengthen the hand of religious leaders in matters of the state.

"An official at the Egyptian Ministry of Waqf (Religious Endowments) said women's groups have sought a licence for female-only mosques. 'We are studying the legality from the Islamic perspective,' said Abdul Gafar Helal, a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs.

"But theologians are firm in their opposition. 'There is no evidence in Islamic history that shows mosques were designated for women,' said Mustafa Al Shaka, a member of the Islamic Research Centre, an arm of Al Azhar."

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