Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kefaya Plots Return

Egypt's Kefaya movement, which I saw at its height in 2005, is plotting a comeback:
"'Kefaya is set to make a comeback stronger than before,' George Ishaq, a prominent activist in the group, told Gulf News. 'To this end, the group is now revising its agenda so as to leave no room for divisions, which have plagued some political parties in Egypt,' he added.

"'Furthermore, the spectre of hereditary succession in Egypt looms larger,' he said, referring to allegations that Mubarak, 79, is grooming his influential son Jamal, 43, to take power after him...

"Emad Siam, a member of the group, urges in a paper that Kefaya should adopt a clear-cut political and socio-economic manifesto.

"'Kefaya has to unequivocally define its political and social commitment towards a specific class in society,' Siam says. 'There is nothing wrong with this. What is wrong and impractical, however, is to claim that the group represents all social powers at the same time,' he adds."

These changes aren't as dramatic as they sound. Although Kefaya kept a big tent, it was always dominated by leftists. However, with an officially set program they'll be liberated from having to avoid stances and actions that would drive others away.



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