Sunday, August 26, 2007

Islam in Azerbaijan Stats

The latest report on an Islamic revival in Azerbaijan comes from IWPR, and they have some statistics:
"Surveys suggest that Azerbaijan has become a much more religious country since it became independent in 1991. According to a recent poll taken by the ADAM agency, 88 per cent of young people said they believed in God and only five per cent said they were atheists. A quarter of young people said they believed the country should be run by Islamic law.

"At the same time, most of those polled said they did not worship actively.

"Ibrahimoglu says the changes have really been rather superficial. 'A lot needs to be done so that people can get through the post-Soviet period,' he said. 'At the moment we see only the extremes. The quality of Islam is not reflected in the number of believers. A lot of practices are not being observed as before.'"

However, see Steve Schwerbel's comment here.



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