Thursday, June 21, 2007

Divisions in al-Qaeda in the Maghreb

Buried with an article on the security of Algeria's energy sector this item on al-Qaeda in the Maghreb:
"A possible split within the former GSPC between members who want to bring the group's objectives into line with the broader global al-Qaeda movement and those who want to retain the group's 'Algerianist' orientation may also be complicating the Islamists' planning capabilities. The previously mentioned police official suggested that the GSPC's January 28 announcement that it was to be called AQIM reflected a schism within the group. Apparently, Droudkal is pushing for a closer alliance with al-Qaeda and an expansion of the group's activities beyond Algeria. Other members, however, are insisting that the organization continue its struggle specifically against the Algerian government in response to the government's cancellation of the 1991 legislative elections that the Islamic Salvation Front was slated to win. While the al-Qaeda elements within the organization would likely prefer to attack energy installations and foreigners, the 'Algerianist' elements likely prioritize targeting government institutions. To the degree that the different factions within the group cooperate, they likely focus their limited resources on targets that will satisfy the demands of each faction, which more often than not means government personnel and institutions."



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