Saturday, June 16, 2007

Clan Element

I've been fishing around for info on the clan elements to the Gaza violence. Ramzi at Good Neighbours delivers:
"Yes, It is very much Clan Related, Mafia! Hamas is a better choice for the clans in Gaza that’s why they got the support of all the little gangs here and there and that’s why Fatah lost quite fast!

"Fatah in gaza means : a Possible end to all violences and a possible renewal of the peace process , which means an end to all kinds of clandestine illegal activities such as Lawlessness, Murder, Drugs, Arms…. having in mind that Hamas is totally isolated by 99% of the world, it needs the support of the clans , their first move yesterday was to set free all the prisioners in the Gaza prisons! All of them : the Killers, the rapers, the thiefs, the Corrupt, the violent, the criminals…. I wouldn’t like to take a walk in gaza’s streets! …This move was nothing but a service for the clans ! 'we supported you, now free our clan members or else...'"



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