Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Crises Everywhere

My apartment building is under construction, and they appear to have deactivated my internet connection, though hopefully not for long. (I haven't been able to reach my landlord to confirm that this is the problem.) Otherwise, in addition to the ongoing fracas here in Israel, I'd get around to blogging about the massive protests in Turkey, and presumably other stuff, too. As it is, assuming Olmert is still in denial and blaming Tzipi Livni for his political fate, I'll go down to Tel Aviv tomorrow night to take in the action.

Incidentally, is this really a possibility?
"In the near future, he may be required to order the IDF to embark on a major military operation - for instance, in the Gaza Strip - that will claim lives. He is not taking into account the possibility that some soldiers might refuse to obey orders originating with the prime minister whom the Winograd Committee concluded was responsible, personally and ministerially, for the failures in last summer's war."



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