Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Child Abuse

An official government study shows a whopping 45% of children in Saudi Arabia are abuse victims:
"About 45 per cent of Saudi children suffer from some kind of abuse, according to a recent official study.

"Psychological abuse is the most common the children suffer constituting 36 per cent, followed by physical abuse 26 per cent, the study said.

"The study, conducted by the Anti-crime Centre at the Saudi Ministry of Interior, noted that primary school children are the ones mostly subject to psychological abuse, followed by those in secondary schools and then intermediate school students...

"Princess Muneera noted that the most common case of abuse is related to children belonging to low-income families, followed by the ones from broken-up families and then children of a man who is married to more than one wife.

"She added that abuse cases were also reported among children of parents of poor education, families where violence is common place, and in families where one of the members is an alcohol or drug addict."



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