Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hamas and Iran

Nibras Kazimi has an interesting bit on relations between Hamas and Iran:
"Isma’il Haniya, Hamas’ PM, refused to pray alongside Shi'as during his latest trip to Iran in early December 2006.

"So if the ‘softies’ in Hamas are having a hard time swallowing and justifying the much-needed aid coming from Iran (…when the Iranians are more than willing to oblige them) then it just goes to show how much of taboo such an association with Shi'a Iran has become. The Iranians would be more than happy to help jihadists hurt America and Israel; I just don’t think the jihadists would be amenable to receiving such aid from ‘heretics’ whom they believe to be in league with the ‘Crusaders and Zionists.’ This assertion is most pertinent to Iraq and to the recent allegations of Iranian support for Sunni jihadist insurgent groups there. It also addresses the logistical issue of a need for a state-sponsor (…in Iraq’s case that would either be Shi'a Iran or ‘Alawite Syria) to support insurgent activity. What if the jihadists, in the post-Zarqawi era, are leveraging technology, small-scale fundraising and networks of sympathizers in such a way as to do away with the need of a state sponsor?"


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