Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bill Richardson

On the day he announces his Presidential campaign, it's worth noting that New Mexico governor Bill Richardson brings far more foreign policy credentials to the table than most of his rivals. As his fan blog points out, he has real expertise on North Korea, is quoted thereon by mainstream news outlets, and uses his oddly good relationship with North Korean officials to defend American interests. His involvement there goes back to the 1990's, when he won the release of hostages. His skills in this area are respected even by the Bush administration.

Earlier this month, Richardson worked on brokering a ceasefire in Darfur, though it doesn't appear to be working. In any case, while I admit he's one of my early favorites in the 2008 Presidential contest, I think everyone should welcome him as an asset to the Democratic Party as a home to a serious and tested foreign policy community. If he were governor of, say, Virginia rather than New Mexico, I think he'd be seen as a top-tier candidate just like Mark Warner was.

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