Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel's Plan

Several weeks ago, I sent my passport to the Israeli consulate in Chicago thinking to simplify my arrival there by getting a student visa in advance. For some reason, even though the processing time is supposed to be one week and most people say they get theirs back in a couple of weeks, I still haven't received mine. This is worrisome because next weekend I'm leaving for research and a conference in London.

However, I haven't really been working that much on my conference presentation because I keep following the news related to Israel's assault on Lebanon and the ongoing conflict in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. And it just struck me that these things are connected. The Israeli government is conspiring to prevent me from completing my scholarly work. That's what this has been about all along!

Sorry if this post is irreverant, but if I gave every crisis the seriousness it deserved, I'd be perpetually depressed.


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