Friday, June 09, 2006

Soccer Truce

A Tanzim leader has offered a truce for the World Cup and invited Israelis to the Occupied Territories to watch it:
"World Cup season has broken out and the entire world is watching-Although as yet another example of American exceptionalism,most of the U.S. is not engaged. In Israel and the Palestinian occupied areas, however, World Cup fever has struck. A record number of Israelis have signed up for the expensive cable package. The Israeli newspapers reported that 111 trucks filled with televisions lumbered into Gaza where the Hamas government seems prepared to hotwire cable packages for the masses. According to Israel's Maariv newspaper, a Tanzim leader from one of the groups that has committed terrorist attacks inside Israel,has offered to halt any terrorist attacks during the World Cup so that both sides can watch in peace.

"According to the news report, Zarakiya Zubeidi explained that: 'There will be a bit of quiet in the next few days because everybody here loves the World Cup, watches television, and isn’t all that interested in the Intifada and things like that,' Zubeidi says, and adds that this quiet is not only dependent on the Palestinian side, but also the Israelis. 'The quiet is also dependent on Israel, because the Israeli GSS doesn’t care about the World Cup, Christmas or Passover. They always work.' When Zubeidi was asked if Hamas and Islamic Jihad would also lay down their arms for the next month, he said: 'Listen, all these guys watch the World Cup. Even the most fanatic. All of them watch the World Cup and with us, unlike with you, it’s free.' Zubeidi, known for committing terror attacks in which many Israeli were hurt, is aware of the price of the World Cup package in Israel. 'Why not come here,' he says, 'ahalan wasahalan. Welcome.'"

UPDATE: Apparently Hamas and the IDF have different ideas.


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