Friday, June 16, 2006


This is probably a stupid question, but does anyone know why there have been so many cows around town lately?

UPDATE: I have my answer:
"About 100 of the fiberglass variety are currently at the Alliant Energy Center, getting ready for their big debut at Cows on the Concourse on Saturday. The cows will then be "pastured" at various locations around Madison until mid-October.

"The colorful cows are part of CowParade Wisconsin, in conjunction with the official kickoff of June Dairy Month. Then they will travel the state as part of the world's largest public art event.

"CowParade is a small company headquartered in Connecticut. CowParade dates to 1988 when a Zurich, Switzerland, businessman headed a display of fiberglass lions (the modern Swiss symbol) as a promotion. The event was renewed in 1998 using the old Swiss symbol of a cow rather than a lion."


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