Saturday, May 06, 2006

Wisconsin Crew Rape Case

Because of our top party school status, I suspect cases like this are far more frequent than most realize. I'm also frustrated by the way lawsuit fears seem to determine the university's handling of such matters. I remember something similar in my TA training, where the standard of proof in cases of cheating was also ridiculously high, ostensibly because of lawsuit fears.

UPDATE: See also this:
"UW-Madison is celebrating 10 years of progress in its main alcohol-abuse prevention program even as the university's student body finishes one of its booziest years on record.

"Most seriously, the number of students who drank so much they needed emergency help has soared, with 74 detox admissions reported by campus police compared to 41 trips last school year. Those numbers don't include students taken to detox by city police at off-campus events such as the annual Mifflin Street party, where this year female students filled up the detox beds by 5 p.m."

UPDATE: It occurs to me that by posting the above update to this most, I might give the impression of suggesting that rape is a problem of drunk women. That's not it at all. What I'm suggesting is that a culture of drunkenness will produce problems, including the crime of rape. The fact the victim was drunk in the Capital Times story and drunken women are singled out in the Mifflin Street Block Party reference in the Wisconsin State Journal is coincidental - both stories could just as easily have involved drunken men and I'd still make the same connection.


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