Saturday, May 27, 2006

More Bahraini Strangeness

I've commented before on the number of strange lust-love-and-marriage news stories out of Bahrain (1, 2, 3). Here's the latest:
"A Bahraini got the shock of his life when he discovered that the man he assumed to be his wife's brother and who had lived with them for nine years was in fact her lover and the father of four of their children.

"According to the court papers, the Bahraini husband responded compassionately when his Asian wife told him that her brother wanted to come to Bahrain to work because his situation back home was desperate.

"As the 'brother' could not afford proper accommodation, the unsuspecting husband took the 'close relative' in and allowed him to live with him and his wife.

"But nine years later, the husband caught the couple having sex and immediately fainted from shock. He then reported them to the police."


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