Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hekmatyar Speaks

Over at American Footprints, I have a number of comments about Gulbuddin Hekmatyar's video declaring support for al-Qaeda. One thing I forgot to go into there is the timing. Clearly it is partly about the start of the spring war season in Afghanistan. In broader terms, however, the fact this is coming in May 2006 instead of a year or two ago would seem to indicate a change of alliances or a change of tactics. It may be that Hekmatyar only recently formalized his support for Bin Laden; however, it may also be the latest example of Iraqi insurgent tactics being imported to Afghanistan - in this case, videos calling for attacks on foreign interests - or, and this might seem unlikely but is scary enough if true to put out there, if allegations that Hekmatyar clandestinely leads an important Parliamentary block are true, then it could simply be that they were waiting for those elections to get out of the way and gain a foothold in the government.

UPDATE: On the other hand, this could explain everything.


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