Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Blogging of Jim Henley

Jim Henley is quickly becoming the go-to blog for the debunking of the yellow-badges-for-Jews story. In this great post, he dissects the New York Post's back-pedaling on the subject. You should read the whole thing, but to make sure the summary gets out:
"And after that it’s all 'Look! A bear!' 1) Iran has done other bad things. 2) An exile in New York says the zonnar are being 'discussed and considered.' 3) Iran has required religious minorities to wear funny clothes in the past. 4) Iran 'requires all non-Muslim butchers, grocers, and purveyors of food to post a form in the window of their place of business warning Muslims that they do not share their faith. At the time it was put in place, the code was defended on the grounds that it enforced Islamic dietary law.' Of course, there actually are Islamic dietary laws, but never mind.

"Final score: One actual Jewish Iranian, Mr Motamed, who does not thank the world for its outcry; one Jewish-American who lived in Iran a long time ago who does. 24,999 (roughly) Jewish-Iranians who couldn’t get through to Mr Lake in Cairo, Egypt. But the article exists to mutate the zonnar story into a form that can survive the new, harsher environment."


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